General Practitioner

I have been in GP Practice since 1992. Whilst my approach to health has changed somewhat over the last 9 years to focus more on preventive medicine and natural alternatives to the treatment of ailments, I acknowledge that prescription drugs do have a place. Despite my new holistic approach to medicine and wellness, I continue to practise traditional GP medicine and see patients of all ages, for all physical and mental ailments. Too often, people are simply treated for symptoms, instead of for a specific diagnosis. “Fatigue” for example, is not a diagnosis. What is the CAUSE of the fatigue? Together we search and test for the cause of the fatigue i.e. THE DIAGNOSIS and then treat it.

My GP experience includes a wide scope of practice, including treatment of new-borns, infants, children of all ages, teenagers, adults and the elderly.

Most common ailments encountered are ear, nose and throat disorders, respiratory tract infections, gastro-intestinal illnesses, depression, substance abuse, skin conditions and all chronic illnesses e.g. asthma, hypertension, coronary artery disease, hyperlipidaemia, diabetes, arthritis etc. Mood-related disorders such as anxiety, depression and bipolar disease are increasing in incidence every year. I am achieving excellent results in treating patients with these disorders using a balanced combination of natural medicines with certain low side-effect prescription drugs if necessary.

I also perform a range of minor procedures, including suturing of wounds, excision of skin lesions and excision of minor “lumps and bumps”. I have experience in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of all sports injuries in children and adults across a broad range of sporting disciplines.