Weight Loss & Hormone Balance Programme

Detailed blood and hormone analysis and a comprehensive nutraceutical, herbal, vitamin & mineral supplementation programme to complement a healthy low GI diet & exercise program, combined with hormone replacement therapy for menopause and andropause.

Weight gain is invariably linked to hormone imbalances in males and females. Male “change of life” called andropause is often overlooked, as the symptoms in men are more subtle than in women when they reach menopause. I do not sell a blanket “once size fits all” weight loss program, but I can help you lose weight fast and keep it down!

I endorse a low GI/GL diet (of which there are many on the market), give you an exercise programme suited to what you are able to do and what you enjoy and then prescribe weight loss medication (mostly natural) to suit your individual needs and based on your specific blood results.

Hormone Replacement Therapy for women should be individualized and the treatment options from prescription HRT to Bio-Identical Hormone Cream to plant-based natural HRT are discussed along with side effects and risks vs term benefits.

Low testosterone levels in men occur from about age 38 and result in symptoms of fatigue, weight gain around the belly, “love handles” and “man boobs”. Men with low testosterone also have fatigue, depression, lack energy, vitality, vigour, self-esteem, confidence and experience sexual dysfunction. Testosterone replacement therapy for men is now available and not only improves quality of life, but assists in preventing lifestyle-related diseases. I will explain in detail when we meet why men develop low testosterone levels, why testosterone is important for women too and why hormone replacement therapy for women should be as natural as possible and individualized.

I work in association with Laura Botha from Body Vigour and her Endermologie treatment here in my consulting rooms. Laura has more than 20 years’ experience in the aesthetic and weight loss industry. Endermologie is a unique, painless treatment with patented roller action to reduce cellulite, tone and firm the skin and re-contour the body. This treatment compliments my weight loss programme from an aesthetic point of view and clients can book any number of sessions spaced over however long you wish.

We now offer weight loss injections for cellulite reduction, muscle toning and skin firming.

Injections are non-hormone manipulating and contain natural substances and amino acids that stimulate lipolysis or fat breakdown.

Areas that can be injected include saddle bags, love handles, gynaecomastia (“man boobs”), saggy upper arms and any part of the body with cellulite and increased fat.

There are various combinations of products for general fat loss, hard cellulite, oedematous cellulite, flaccid cellulite, muscle firming and toning, stretch marks and water retention. A session takes approximately 30-45 mins. The product is injected by Dr. Scheepers and clients may book anything from 6-12 sessions. Fat loss is enhanced if the injections are combined with Endermologie sessions, but this is not a necessity.