Sports Medicine

Pre-training medicals, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of sports injuries, sports nutrition, specific exercise programs, exercise prescription for patients with chronic diseases, and legal, safe, performance-enhancing nutraceutical, vitamin & mineral supplementation.

Your health and safety come first. School children should be educated on the risks of taking banned substances and realize that performance enhancing supplements do not replace a good diet and strict training; however there are many natural, safe and non-banned supplements which are beneficial.

I work in association with Jessica Weston Biokineticist who runs her practice from my rooms.

Jessica Weston Biokineticist

Jessica Weston Biokineticist treats the major fields in Biokinetics, being orthopaedic, sport performance, chronic disease, neurological disease, and special populations. Jessica’s special interest lies in orthopaedic rehabilitation and golf specific sport conditioning; however her passion is to make a difference in each and every patient who walks through her doors, giving them the ability to conquer their goals, whether it be walking again, living pain free or winning the race.

What does Jessica Weston Biokineticist offer?

  • Clinical Individual Assessment (muscle strength, flexibility, posture, biomechanics, proprioception, body composition, heart rate, blood pressure)
  • Functional exercise program prescription
  • Rehabilitation pre and post operation
  • Chronic disorders (Assessment and specific exercise programs to manage conditions like Parkinson’s, Arthritis, Muscular dystrophy, Diabetes, Stroke rehabilitation)
  • Prescribing injury prevention programs for individuals
  • Musculoskeletal rehabilitation for neurological disorders
  • Sports specific conditioning and exercise prescription
  • Vitality and Multiply fitness assessments
  • Home visits for those who are unable to get to sessions due to immobility or disability